Are you facing any of these challenges:

  • Disparate, legacy, or home-grown e-commerce platforms with a poor user experience?
  • Inability to personalize or individualize search results?
  • Search taxonomies and product content that are not intuitive to your customers?
  • Large volumes of complex data that includes customer-specific contracts and pricing?
  • Decision-making based on incomplete or missing data about how people search your site?
  • Dependence on IT, even for minor site search changes?

Get a Site Search Health Check to help you address these challenges!

Find out how your site search could be better!

The impact of site search extends well beyond the search box. Tactical improvements to search translate into amazing customer experiences; done well, site search drives profit by connecting more customers to more product content – quickly and easily.

RealDecoy's Site Search Health Check rates the quality of your site search experience and provides a prioritized roadmap to achieve incremental improvements and ROI gains.

Is your site search experience built to serve your customers? Find out!

Ask about a Site Search Health Check today.

Ask about my site search health check!

“…boosting your site-search capabilities will give you the edge in the race to win, serve and retain customers.”

Google-ize Your Site-Search Experience
October 2015, Forrester

“RealDecoy's Site Search Health Check is the best way to start putting your site search experience on par with today's top brands.”

Justin King
Founder, and

How can the Site Search Health Check help?

  • Understand where you are currently losing money and what you can do to increase revenue, search volume, conversions, average order value, and repeat business.
  • Determine ROI of site search changes, and how you can reduce operational expenses and the cost to serve a customer.
  • Educate and enable your e-commerce and IT teams for improved agility.
  • Differentiate your site search experience from your competitors.
  • Validate suspected issues to strengthen your business case for improving on-site search.

How does the Site Search Health Check work?

RealDecoy's site search experts conduct a 10-point inspection of your site search experience, including search taxonomy, product content quality, personalization, and mobile experience.

You get a summary report packed with insights, usually within a few business days. It includes a prioritized list of action items, projected KPI improvements, and cost estimates. Our experts can carry out the health check no matter which technology powers search on your website.

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For USD $2,500 you get a prioritized list of action items, projected KPI improvements, and time to value estimates for 10 key elements of site search. 

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